The 12 Lists Men and Women Think They Know

This book was written to help the common men and women to understand one another. Majority of people out there, who reads relationship books, usually come out in the end with half the knowledge or none at all. They seem to forget what they have just read. The reason why this happen is either two things; first, the reader probably already knew about those topics, thus making it daunting for him or her to relate to the scenarios the book presented. Most relationship books may sound the same as the rest to the reader unless something new is introduced. Second, many authors want to sugarcoat everything. We believe the ultimate mistake an author can do when writing relationship books, is to treat readers like children by sugarcoating every word. We feel the readers have the right to know all the truth. The whole good, dirty, damn truth! With that said, we apologize in advance if any words in this book seem to be unmannerly. Our intention is not to enrage you. Nor is it to conceal what most authors are afraid to say in order to protect their prestige. You will notice that this may be the only book on relationships so far that is not afraid to tell it how it is. Sugar coating does not exist here!

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