Everything You Wanted to Know About G-Spot Orgasms

Have you ever wondered what all this hype of female G-Spot orgasms was all about? Or maybe you’ve experienced female ejaculation during sex and didn’t know what it was? Perhaps you’ve been trying to achieve a G-Spot orgasm with your partner and have been unsuccessful? Michael Schuessler, the author of The Holy G-Rail, joins Mou Ghose to talk about G-Spot stimulation, orgasm, female ejaculation, how to find the G-Spot in women by equating it to the male anatomy, and for women how to achieve the greater intensity that stimulation of the G-Spot often provides. Michael will also delve into the importance of communication, patience, self-love or masturbation when it comes to great sex and relationships, while breaking down many of the myths we have around orgasms and masturbation in general. Don’t miss this informative episode on Lovemaking! www.holyg-rail.com

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