Yes, You Have a Have a G-Spot

Here’s everything you need to know to work its magic. New research confirms it: All women have one — that mysterious little area capable of producing insane pleasure. Here’s everything you need to know to work its magic.

Where to Locate It

Lie back and relax — embarking on your first G-spot mission can take patience. Start by spreading your legs and bending your knees, so your vagina is open and accessible. With your palm facing up, insert two fingers inside, pressing your fingertips against the center of the upper vaginal wall. “You’re seeking a spongy, puckered, or slightly ridged area, like the roof of your mouth,” explains Celeste Hirschman, assistant professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

If after several minutes you’re still coming up empty-handed, think of a sexual fantasy — seriously. When you are aroused, the G-spot fills with fluid, making it swell and become larger. “You’ll have an easier time locating it if you are turned on,” says Hirschman.

One sort of strange tip-off that you’ve found it: a sudden need to pee. “Because the G-spot is so close to the urethra, touching it often triggers that urgent gotta-go feeling, as if you have to urinate,” explains Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD, clinical director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality. No need to run to the restroom; it’s a false alarm. After a few seconds, the urge may pass, and you’ll probably soon experience a blooming, heated kind of sensation that becomes more and more intense as you touch and stroke the area.
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Continue to experiment on your own with different speeds and pressures. Of course, don’t be surprised if you find yourself closer and closer to orgasm. There’s no reason to hold back — let yourself experience a superintense G-spot O on your own before you show your man how he can take you there.

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